Amaizing home cooked salmon and backpack Tetris.

2/22 at 11:08 just a quick update, with the help of Charles and Annette Profit I arrived in Atlanta safe and sound, had an excellent home cooked meal, great conversation, and a comfortable bed. They have also offered to drive me to the trailhead tomorrow and I’m looking forward to spending the drive with them since most of my time here so far I’ve spent trying to get 30 ish lbs of gear in a 10 lb pack… 

See Ma, I should have played more Tetris as a child! 
I had the pleasure of working with Charles back in 2007 and heard a lot about his wife Annette (all good things) so it’s nice to finally associate a face with the name.

To Charles and Annette, your hospitality won’t be forgotten. Thank you!

I’m rambling, it’s 1:00 am and I should be getting a good night’s sleep in preparation for tomorrow so I’ll spell check you later.

No place I’d rather be!

Jason Scarpetta.

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