Life at 2.5 mph.

Living life at 2.5 miles per hour with everything you need strapped to your back seems to make time slow down a bit.

Out here a day feels like a week and a week a month. The weather has been all over the map as well from 60’s and sunny to Thunderstorms and high winds in Georgia to snow and ice and zero with sub-zero wind-chill in North Carolina.

I’m currently with Fedora, Devinci and 82 at the Nantahala Outdoor Center for a day to resupply and get my Smokies permit but previous to that I was at the Gooder Grove Hostel in Franklin, NC.

Fedora at the edge of a mountain.

According to Happy Pants and Rabbit, two South bounders with less than 200 miles to go. No thru-hike is complete without a legitimate town vortex when you plan to spend one day but it turns into a week.

I had planned to just quickly stop in to resupply but I had an opportunity to get to know some amazing people and took it. 

Cyrilia (no trail name)

Cyrilia is a machine, unlike me she started in Key West Florida and if my memory serves me was about 1500 miles into her hike when I met her. She also plans to hike beyond Mt. Katahdin in Maine to lands end in Canada well over 4000 miles when all is said and done. The above photo she is using dental floss and a needle with shoe Goo to repair her shoes enough to get to the next outfitter and buy a new pair.

Another was the Hostel owner Zen who offered me a work for stay opportunity and since the weather was dangerously‚Äč cold I took it. I also met an amazing group of people from Warren Wilson College who pitched in to help me with the bunks I was building. Honestly these guys were awesome, they didn’t have to help but did anyhow.

Warren Wilson students helping build bunks.

Thanks again guys!

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  1. Ed Feldman
    March 19, 2017

    Great talking with you Jason
    Keep in touch
    Ed Feldman

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