Night hiking and trail legs

March 4th 2017 9:51 AM – Today’s Miles: 0.0 – A.T. Trip Miles: 58.3 – 30°F – Elevation: 4216.00 feet.

My posts have been less often than I had planned but I underestimated the effect freezing temperatures would have on my electronic devices. I have enough for critical devices like navigation and emergency beacon but luxury’s like mp3 and camera have to be kept to a minimum. Hopefully this improves with the warmer weather.

Great hike yesterday over multiple mountains one after another. I heard another hiker refer to them as “puds” for “pointless ups and downs” I didn’t find them pointless but everyone hikes his own hike here.

After lunch yesterday I found two tree’s a perfect distance apart that also hd an amazing view to the left so nap time it was. I woke up with cold feet but my back, knees and legs felt great so I packed up and set off down the trail again. 

My legs have started to understand that I wasn’t kidding when I said this was going to be the norm for 6 months but we still aren’t on speaking terms yet. I’ll zero today to recover a bit.

I think it was Maurice Black who said to me “No such thing as over training, only under eating.” So I’m eating every 2 hours and trying to give my body what it needs to do the miles.

Short clip of my hike after my nap and it stops where I set up camp.

I’m having trouble getting the photos from my camera to my phone so once I figure that out I’ll have a bunch to share.

No Place I’d rather be!
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