The Smokies, getting sick and trail names.

If everything goes well I will climb Clingmans Dome at 6611 feet, pass the 200 mile mark and avoid the bug that’s making everyone sick today! 

Since I left Fontana dam many people around me have gotten sick and so far nobody knows from what. The Smokies requires everyone to sleep inside the shelters they provide unlike the rest of the Appalachian trail you can camp anywhere so long as your a few hundred feet from water or the trail. I can’t say what made people sick but I’m sure forcing us to stack on top of each other doesn’t help.

I came across someone I had run into early on in my trip and they asked what my trail name was, after explaining a few had been suggested but nuthin had stuck he proclaimed “that’s it, nuthin stuck it is until you tell me something else stuck” it seemed fitting on multiple levels so I ran with it.

The Smokies has very little cellular data so this update is text only but I’ll post more once I reach a better connection.

No place I’d rather be.

Nuthin Stuck

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