Gear List


My Gear Spreadsheet


  • Zpacks Duplex


  • Upgrade option zPacks ark blast

Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad

Footwear (Quality brand with good replacement policy)

Baselayer (Synthetic: Polyester, Capilene, Merino-wool blend)

  • Under Armour mid-weight top and bottom

Midlayer (Not yet Purchased Deciding Between)

  • Patagonia R1 Hoody

Insulating Layer

  • Hawk & Co Down Puffy Jacket

Rain / Wind Jacket

Rain pants

Socks (3 pairs: 2 pairs hiking, 1 pair camp)

Underwear (2 pairs: 1 camp, 1 hiking)

Camp pants (Leggings; Wool, polyester, synthetic)

  • IceBreaker Leggings (Men’s)

Hiking bottoms (1 pair synthetic)

  • Prana stretch zion zip off


  • 3 layer system base, mid, waterproof

Hat (Light weight)

  • O.R.

Camp shoe

  • Crocs

Stuff sacks (4, Strong, waterproof)

  • Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Dry Sac (camp clothes and sleeping bag, food, and electronics, wet storage to prevent freezing.


  • Long handle spoon

Water reservoir (2-3L)

  • 2 2 Liter Platypus

Water bottle (Light weight)

  • Gatorade Bottle (pee bottle)
  • SmartWater Bottles

First aid kit 

  • Antiseptic Wipes (2)
  • Triple Antibiotic Cream (tiny tube)
  • Ibuprofun (Vitamin I)
  • Sewing Needle
  • Duct tape
  • Leukotape
  • Emergency Fire Starter (Cotton wool balls in Vaseline) (2)

Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, Vaseline)


Insect Repellent

  • With DEET
  • Headnet


  • Snow Peak Litemax

Guide book

  • AWOL’s Guide

Water purification

  • Sawyer Squeeze (not the mini- too slow flow rate)

Head lamp (Lightweight)

  • Petzl e+LITE

Luxury/comfort items

Hiking Poles

  • LEKI Micro Vario Ti



  • DeLorme InReach SE


  • Sunscreen

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