Manistee National Forest

In an effort to prepare for a long distance through hike of the Appalachian Trail I found the closest thing to it within driving distance of the Chicagoland area, printed a few maps, gathered up all the gear I intend to use on the AT (winter gear included) and headed out over labor day weekend.



Manistee County

Lat: N 44° 21′ 31.00″

Lon: W 085° 48′ 37.16″

Distance: 11 miles or 23-mile loop

Trail Type: Backpacking (2-3 days)

Terrain: Manistee River, suspension bridge, waterfall

Difficulty: Moderate to challenging

Nearest City or Town: Cadillac


Things realized on this trip are as follows:

  1. Have mercy, I’m outa shape!
  2. Ounces = pounds = pain.
  3. Bring a belt next time.
  4. If you tip over your dinner, you don’t eat.
  5. Shoes worked well but already show signs of wear after less than 30 miles.

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